World of Warcraft Macros

Paladin Macros: DPS

All-in-One DPS Rotation

This macro will cast maximum DPS spell rotation, taking into account the cooldown and duration of each spell. You need to cast a Seal before activating this button, Seal of the Crusader would be an appropriate choice. The macro resets when you enter combat or when you change to an existing enemy target.

/castsequence [harm, exists] reset=combat/target Judgement, Seal of Command(Rank 6), Crusader Strike, Crusader Strike, Judgement, Seal of Command(Rank 6), Crusader Strike

Multi-rank Seal of Command

This macro will cast Seal of Command Rank 1 when pressed in conjuction with the alt key, or Seal of Command maximum rank.

#showtooltip Seal of Command
/cast [modifier:alt] Seal of Command(Rank 1); Seal of Command

One-button Judgement of Justice

This macro will cast Judgement of Justice in one click, useful for slowing down enemies.

#showtooltip Seal of Justice
/cast Judgement
/cast Seal of Justice
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