World of Warcraft Macros

Priest Macros: DPS/PVP

Shadow Word: Pain and Starshards

This macro will cast Shadow Word: Pain followed by Starshards.

/castsequence reset=30/target/combat Shadow Word: Pain, Starshards

Silence or Arcane Torrent

This macro will cast Silence. If it's on cooldown, it will cast Arcane Torrent.

/castsequence reset=45 Silence, Arcane Torrent

Always-On Wand

This macro will make sure that your wand will always stay on attack mode.

/cast !shoot

Spammable Mind Flay

This macro will prevent you from interrupting Mind Flay when it's still casting.

#showtooltip Mind Flay
/cast [nochanneling:Mind Flay] Mind Flay
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