World of Warcraft Macros

Warlock Macros: Combat

Incinerate or Immolate

This macro will cast Immolate or Incinerate when used in conjunction with the alt key.

/cast [modifier:alt] Incinerate; Immolate

Affliction DPS Rotation

This macro will cast Immolate, Corruption, Curse of Agony and Drain Life for maximum DPS.

/castsequence reset=10 Immolate, Corruption, Curse of Agony, Drain Life

All-in-One Drains

This macro will cast the different type of Drains while the are not channeled. It will cast Drain Soul, or Drain Mana when used in conjunction with the control key, or Drain Life when used in conjunction with the alt key.

/cast [mod:ctrl,nochanneling:Drain Mana] Drain Mana; [mod:alt,nochanneling:Drain Life] Drain Life; [nochanneling:Drain Soul] Drain Soul
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